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We believe that to succeed, young people need affordable homes in safe neighborhoods and support to learn, play and grow.


In San Francisco’s Sunnydale neighborhood, kids lack these basics and too often don’t thrive. That’s why Mercy Housing, Related California, and Sunnydale residents are collaborating to transform Sunnydale – including creating a Hub with a childcare center, a Boys & Girls Club, vibrant community spaces, and a full-service recreation center. For the first time, kids and families in Sunnydale will have safe spaces in which to thrive together.

The Hub will become the physical heart this community has never had. It will include a Boys & Girls Club, an early childhood development center, a gymnasium, landscaped play areas, a welcoming courtyard, a café, and space for fitness and cooking classes, parties, and friendly hanging out.

To find out more about our Build the Hub campaign, visit

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