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Vote to Select the Sunnydale Community Name!

We are holding a community vote to select the overall Sunnydale development name and want your input! Click here to vote right now!

We want to keep and uphold the name Sunnydale, while also adding to it to signal the positive change of the revitalization. We used the community-generated branding guidelines to come up with the naming options and would like residents to choose the final name. The name with the most votes will be adopted as the community name for the development. Voting ends on June 5, 2021.

Voting will take place online and in person from May 11 to June 5.

  • In-person at pop-up events and Family Day (June 5)

  • In-person during business hours at 1711 Sunnydale Ave and the Youth Center (1652 Sunnydale Ave, top floor)

  • Online at

All Sunnydale residents who vote can choose to enter into a raffle to win a $25 gift card. The raffle will be drawn at Family Day on June 5!

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