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  Questions & Answers  

We've answered some of the most common questions we receive on this page. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to get back to you. 


  General Questions  

I don't know anything about this neighborhood. What is in the area?  

The Sunnydale HOPE SF site is located in the residential neighborhood of Visitacion Valley in San Francisco. It is adjacent to McLaren Park, the city’s second largest public park at 313 acres featuring a nine-hole golf course, swimming pool, outdoor basketball court, baseball field, children’s playground, swimming pool, amphitheater, and tens of miles of nature trails.   


The Sunnydale HOPE SF development is described on the About tab. To learn more about the individual new buildings, click here. The Sunnydale HOPE SF plan includes more than new housing. A new neighborhood Hub will include a new 30,000 square foot community center that will house a state-of-the-art Boys & Girls Club, the Wu Yee early childhood education center for infants to pre-K children, and multipurpose spaces for neighborhood activities. A new recreation center with a gym and new park space will be constructed for sports and recreation for all ages.  The Hub will also include mixed-use building with a second early childhood education center, a health and wellness center, and neighborhood serving retail. 

I am interested in one of the new apartments.  What is the process?

Affordable apartments, when available, will be announced through the City’s centralized housing site, and on this Sunnydale website. Households that qualify may complete an application, and residents will be contacted through a random drawing process. You may also contact us if you have questions.

Will any of the new homes be for sale?  

Sunnydale HOPE SF will also include new market rate (non-subsidized) housing opportunities in the future. Please stay tuned to learn more! 



How can I get involved in the building design process?   

We are currently designing a community center (“Block 1”), the new recreation center (gym) in Herz Park, and the mixed use buildings (“Block 3A and Block 3B”). Please visit our Community page to learn about upcoming events and opportunities to engage in the design process!  


I am interested in being a retail tenant.  

We would be delighted to hear from you. Please send us a message with some information and our retail developer specialist will reach out to you.  


I am interested in working on the Sunnydale HOPE SF revitalization.  

The Sunnydale community has a Workforce Development Initiative for people who are interested in working in the community or in learning about job opportunities in the Bay Area. Within the Sunnydale HOPE SF revitalization, there are jobs in construction as well as in property management and neighborhood services. There are also training and apprenticeship programs.  


Please send us a message in the [Contact Us tab (hyperlink)] with some information and our workforce development specialist will reach out to you. 


I am interested in volunteering.  

Whether you are interested in an ongoing individual commitment or a one-time group volunteer project, sharing your gifts and talents can make a difference for our residents. Complete a volunteer interest form, and a Volunteer Coordinator will respond.  

  For Current Sunnydale Residents  

What will my rent be in the new Sunnydale HOPE SF apartment? 

When Sunnydale residents move into a new apartment, the rent will be 30% of household income.   



Can I go on a tour of the building before I move in?   

During this time of social distancing, you may virtually tour the new buildings that are opening in the next four years.   

Will move-in assistance be offered?  

Yes. The San Francisco Housing Authority will arrange and pay for your move-in expenses, including boxes, movers, and moving trucks.  



I’m not interested in living at Sunnydale HOPE SF. Can I move somewhere else? 

If you are a current Sunnydale resident, you have an opportunity move to these new apartments:     


691 China Basin (in the Mission Bay neighborhood) 

Opening Spring 2021 


Balboa Park Upper Yard (next to Balboa BART) 

2340 San Jose Avenue 

Opening Fall 2022 

Please check Find your Home page for a video about these new apartments. All Sunnydale households will be notified by mail about the application process. Be sure we have your email address and phone number so we can send you the information. If you aren’t a Sunnydale resident and are interested in an affordable apartment, please visit the City’s centralized housing website at



I have pets. Can they move with me into the new units at Sunnydale? 

Each household can have two pets that you will need to register with property management. A pet deposit will also be required, and this deposit can be paid monthly. Service animals or companion animals (Assistance Animals) are allowed with a provider’s verification and no pet deposit will be required.    



I have questions about my current public housing apartment. 

Please contact your current landlord, San Francisco Housing Authority, at or (415) 820-1586.

  About the Revitalization  

How tall will the new buildings be?    

Most of the new buildings will be two to four stories tall.   The first three residential buildings, Casala, Block 6, and Block 3 near Hahn and Sunnydale are taller at four and five stories. 


What will parking at Sunnydale HOPE SF look like?   Will the bus service change?   

The development will include approximately 1,885 on-street and off-street parking spaces.  There will be new bicycle lanes, and wide, landscaped sidewalks for safe walking. The MUNI bus route will remain on Sunnydale Avenue, Hahn and Santos Streets, and there will be new bus stops and shelters.  Later in 2020, the MTA will lead a community planning process to improve the transportation in Sunnydale, Visitacion Valley and Little Hollywood.  


Where can I learn more about the development requirements for Sunnydale HOPE SF?   

The development requirements are detailed in the Sunnydale HOPE SF Development Agreement, Special Use District regulations, Design Standards and Guidelines (master plan), and the master infrastructure plan – all available in our [document resource page on the About page (hyperlinked)].  

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