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  Housing Survey  

Hi Sunnydale residents,


Your opinion is extremely important! We would like your feedback on new housing options for you and your family.


The San Francisco Housing Authority,  Mercy Housing and Related California have created a video about the brand new apartments that will be available to Sunnydale households in 2021, 2023 and 2024. You can watch the video, Welcome to Your New Home, below, or by clicking here.


Once you have watched the video, we would like to learn about your family’s interest in moving into the brand new affordable apartments in the survey that is on this webpage. Your response to the survey does not commit you to anything. The purpose of this survey is to help staff identify and assist households who express interest in moving into these upcoming affordable housing opportunities.


All Sunnydale public housing households have the right to a brand new affordable unit at Sunnydale. Completing this survey does not automatically guarantee that you will have a secured unit at the building that you are selecting. SFHA will continue to use the established on-site relocation group order to contact families about new apartments at Sunnydale as they become available and they will contact all families about new apartments in other neighborhoods as they become available.


The monthly rent at these new apartments will remain at 30% of your household income.


Aside from the units listed here, there will be more brand new right-to-return units that will become available in Sunnydale after 2024.


Please return this form to us by October 1, 2020. If you have questions or need assistance completing this survey, please contact Elizabeth Chilton, HOPE SF, at (415) 715-2221 or


We appreciate your time!




  How to return the survey  

Option 1:

Watch the video and complete the survey online, below

Option 2:

Download the print version of the survey here:




Then take a picture of your completed survey (both pages!) and email to Elizabeth Chiltone at

Option 3:

Drop off survey at one of these locations:


Mercy Housing Office:

1711 Sunnydale Ave


SFHA Headquarters:
1815 Egbert Street

Attn:  Elizabeth Chilton

  Housing Survey  

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